Your study room library cafe Nagoya Station walk 5 minutes on foot OPEN!

Intensive booth where you want to work with nature, study and work!

Self-study room rules and foreigners familiar with Japanese culture can use

Single room booth is the lowest price in Nagoya!


This is a self-study room which pursues private securing for men and women of a favorable location in the middle of the old town of Furuya station.


I left the fancy underground shopping center of Midland Square in front of Nagoya Station!


Private private room It is a self-study study space where you can concentrate at the center of booth.


You can secure your own study space (study 120 cm wide) in front of the station.


Studying efficiency gets better than at home. The single room booth is double-walled and has soundproofing, PC, calculator OK!


Even if you use both preliminary school and cram school together, you can use it in your own seat, the effect will improve.


I have never been told that this type of use was in vain in the management of other areas.


 Unlike cafes etc., you can focus on study and work for a long time.


I can study and work while feeling a moderate tension feeling with my colleagues who have the same purpose.


We do virus disinfection in the room.


It will be the first store in the Tokai region.


There is also one day trial use!


Please mail me before use! (We will ride consultation, etc. individually for accommodation plan etc.)


Visit reservation (mail) → tour (explanation reception) → procedure for starting use

Click here for visit reservation · question etc. (Please beware of mistake of customer's email address entry.)


Individual room booth seat (concentrated)

Secure private with low price!


You can concentrate and have big storage!


Seat good! Fits your body


It is double-walled and has soundproofing calculator, PC is OK



Study and work (efficiency up)

勉強場所 名古屋

Higashiyama Line Subway Nagoya Station is located soon and within the business district, you will feel free to drop by to Fushimi direction heading towards the famous station!

Security (Reliable)


It is a room on the second floor facing the surface on a road with many traffic, so it is safe on crime prevention and disaster prevention.


Security camera with security camera auto lock key


Low price


There are also seats by the window, so please use it when it is open and change your mood. Midland Square It is located in the basement underground stylish underground shopping district and it can comfortably pass from Nagoya station on rainy days.



Month (excluding tax)
Premium private room Booth seat (large storage private intensive booth) 24,000円
Open seat fixed seat 17,000円


Free seat member     Month (excluding tax)
morning    3,000円
Weekday A day会員(9~17時) 6,000円
B night会員(16~23時)  7,000円
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays C  holiday会員(10~22時)  7,000円
Two combinations A+B B+C A+C   10,000円
All-day free seat     15,000円
Locker       1,000円

Admission fee + membership fee (monthly in the middle of the month) + the next month identification card (student identification card etc) is required

Friend discount For membership with more than 2 friends, 500 yen discount per month from each


5% off by 3 months advance payment

10% OFF for 6 months advance payment

20% off in 12 months advance payment

Women members have a further discount system


営業時間business hours

代表 庄野 一徳










SNSやgoogle mapなどでの書き込みで当自習室に損害が出た場合、刑事告発及び損害賠償訴訟します。営業妨害も同様の措置します。